Evaluating Your Athlete

Although we just started a new year, we are more than half way through your gymnast’s athletic year! Where has the time gone? In the coming weeks, to help us prepare for our end of the year recitals and showcases, we will be evaluating your athletes.

Think of our evaluations like a progress report you get from school. We will be assessing your children on 3 events: Bars, Beam, and Floor. Each class level (Shockers, Electric I & II, Voltage I-III, and Pre-Team) has specific skills each gymnast should master so he or she can progress to higher class levels.

So you know, evaluation weeks can be a little dull for your athletes. There is some waiting around and lots of observing, but these evaluations are vital to your child’s success as a gymnast. The skills we will evaluate are basic gymnastics; but in order to progress in this sport they have to master simple skills and techniques.


*All of our evaluation tools are now online, so your child’s instructor will email you updates and the completed evaluation sheets after the two weeks of evaluations are complete. We will also post instructional videos on our gym YouTube page. You can watch these short videos and see the correct techniques for skills your child is learning.  Click below to subscribe to our YouTube channel for drills and skills to work on at home.  


One of the best ways to help your child progress, is to supplement their training at home. We don’t mean you need to let them flip all throughout the house, but you can have them do simple conditioning and flexibility when they aren’t at the gym. You can also watch instructional videos with them so they can learn the correct body positions.  We hope this information is helpful for you and your child to understand and grow as an athlete and person.

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