PunchFront Cheer is breaking into the scenes with a very successful first season and currently preparing for “Round 3”!  Our success isn’t highlighted by the banners we placed in our gym or that we gained a bid to attend the World Championships for our level 5 team.  Our success is determined by the lives we embrace each day to conquer obstacles, becoming a leader and crushing goals.

Team placement is approaching on May 13th from 2-4pm.  To attend go to the events page to register and pay the tryout fee of $100 which covers the USASF fee, a PFGC tank, shorts and practice bow.  Attached is the tryout package, please print and fill out the last two pages and return to the gym.




Our success is highlighted by the positive impact we have made in the lives of the young men and women who attend our program.  We are united as a team and stand strong with each other as a team.  Whether we have a “friendly” softball game after practice with our families or stay late because we refuse to leave a bad practice…We are PunchFront Cheer and we are a Team!  PunchFront Cheer is led with passion and the courage to condition when we are tired, stand when we fall and push hard when we hurt.  It’s not always easy but the lessons for working hard and earning what you worked for is truly rewarding.  These are values that will carry on throughout life will never be replaced.

We are always looking to embrace new athletes and show them the positive impact of Fun, Fitness and Friendships only PunchFront Cheer can offer.  Call us today for more information about our year-round and half-year teams.

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All Star Cheer Packet